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MOH Issues COVID-19 Awareness Guidelines in Many Languages
17 March 2020

​​As part of its ongoing awareness campaigns to fight the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), MOH has issued awareness guidelines in different languages. The guidelines aim to raise the awareness of citizens and residents about the necessary precautions for protection from the virus and the harmful effects of not following the tips and instructions. Besides Arabic, the guidelines are written in Filipino, Urdu, English, French, Russian and Portuguese. 

The guidelines include an introduction to COVID-19, methods of transmission, symptoms, how to prevent it, the proper way to wash hands and the importance of sanitizing them, wrong behaviors, as well as some tips to follow upon the appearance of respiratory symptoms, the right time and proper way to wear the mask. They also include procedures of medical isolation in home and quarantine and tips for traveling during the virus outbreak. The guidelines give answers to some FAQs about COVID-19. 

Last Update : 19 March 2020 12:43 PM
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