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GCC Health Ministers Review COVID-19 Situation
14 March 2020

​The Ministers of Health of the GCC countries met on Saturday via the visual communication to discuss the latest developments of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and measures taken to curb its spread in their countries.​

In the presence of the Council Secretary-General, the meeting reviewed the COVID-19 situation in each country, including measures enforced at the points of entry, the relevant statistics, the preparedness of the health sector, the media and awareness programs and emergency plans.

The ministers praised the strenuous efforts exerted by the health sector staff in the GCC states and their significant contribution to curbing the virus spread. They also praised the cooperation of the citizens and official and civil authorities in this regard. 

They urged the citizens and residents in the Council states to implement the infection control standards and to avoid gatherings, as much as possible, and to maintain the preventive safety measures followed in such circumstances.

The ministers underlined the importance of obtaining information from official sources and not to listen to rumors from unofficial social media accounts. It was agreed to hold a weekly meeting at the level of GCC deputy ministers to continue mentoring the latest developments and to coordinate joint measures, as well as exchanging information in this regard.

The Secretary-General praised the ministers of health keenness to contain the disease and dealing with all developments to ensure the safety of the GCC citizens and residents. 

Last Update : 15 March 2020 11:27 AM
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