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MOH Advises to Avoid Gathering of More than 50 Persons
12 March 2020

​​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has underlined the importance of refraining from organizing official or social events of more than 50 persons, as well as avoiding handshaking, which is one of the main causes of infection transmission for the safety of everyone and protection from COVID-19.  

This comes in continuation of the awareness-raising campaign on the novel coronavirus launched by MOH under the theme (Coronavirus Prevention). The campaigns aim to educate all community members about the novel coronavirus and the proper behaviors to contain the virus and curb its spread. 
The campaign focuses on awareness tips including washing hands thoroughly with water and soap, sneezing in a tissue or elbow and wearing face mask the proper way. You should wear the face mask only if you have respiratory symptoms such as sneezing and coughing or taking care of someone with the infection. 

MOH indicated that the campaign used road signs, electronic screens in airports, radio and TV channels and social media sites to spread its awareness guidelines. It underlined the importance of obtaining information from reliable sources, including MOH's portal and social media pages (the ministry page, 937 center page and "Live Well” page), calling on everyone to back the efforts exerted to contain the virus and to shoulder their responsibility to curb its spread. 

Like the rest of world countries, the Kingdom experiences extraordinary circumstances that require community-wide awareness about the danger of being lenient in dealing with any suspected infection with the virus. What needed is to increase the level of vigilance and sense of responsibility to help the competent authority in its bid to contain the virus and curb its spread up to elimination, Allah willing 
It called on citizens and residents to contact the 937 Service Center for any inquiry about COVID-19, 24/7. It reiterated the importance of prevention of respiratory diseases in general and adherence to the awareness guidelines to avoid infection with the virus. 

Last Update : 15 March 2020 08:28 AM
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