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MOH Confirms Two New Citizens with Coronavirus
07 March 2020

​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported today (Saturday) two new coronavirus cases, a woman who came from Iran via Bahrain and another woman (a citizen) who came from Najaf, Iraq via UAE. Both of them failed to disclose that they had visited Iran and Iraq.

As per the precautionary measures, they have immediately been isolated and underwent laboratory tests that confirmed their infection with the virus. 

MOH reassures everyone that all the seven cases are isolated in a hospital are receiving the necessary healthcare services as per the adopted procedures. It urged those who have been in affected areas to immediately contact the 937 Center to get the tips to protect themselves, their families and community in general. It also called on everyone to contact the 937 Service Center for inquiries about COVID-19. Meanwhile, MOH warned, it is important to get information from reliable sources and avoid succumbing to rumors and fake news.

Last Update : 09 March 2020 08:35 AM
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