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MOH: Preventive Surveillance Measures Tightened at Land Ports
04 March 2020

​In continuation of its endeavors to fight the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Health (MOH) has tightened the precautionary measures at the health surveillance centers of land ports. As part of those measures, all passengers coming from the countries stricken by the COVID-19 outbreak are screened and subjected to health surveillance.​

Those preventive measures include screening all incoming passengers for fever, and the other signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19. Besides, they are required to disclose the countries they have visited prior to arriving in the Kingdom. All such measures are enforced on a daily basis by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Other measures include isolating the suspected cases, testing them for the virus, and provide the necessary treatment. As for the COVID-19 suspects who do not show any symptoms, they are put under observation at home or quarantined at the MOH’s places designated for that purpose.

Those services are provided by teams of health professionals, all according to his specialty. Teams are divided into four major workgroups: disclosure and isolation team, infection control team, communicable disease control team, and support team. The work of those teams is supervised by the public health departments, and the other departments or relevance.

Those centers work 24/7, MOH stressed. They are staffed by able, highly qualified medical professionals, as well as supporting specialties, in order to put the recommended precautionary measures into effect. The necessary medical supplies have been secured to those centers, MOH added, in addition to medicines, electronic thermometers, ambulatory services, and educational materials for passengers.

MOH reiterated the importance of following the health-awareness guidelines published on the Ministry's official social media accounts, in an effort to prevent and control COVID-19 infection transmission. It also called on everybody to contact the 937 Service Center for any inquiries about COVID-19.

Last Update : 08 March 2020 08:46 AM
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