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Citizen Tested Positive for Coronavirus in Good Health
03 March 2020

​​The committee concerned with following up on the status of the novel coronavirus held its 13th meeting at the headquarters of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, today (Tuesday) afternoon. The committee reassured everyone that the citizen who was tested positive for the novel coronavirus is in good health and stable condition and receiving high-quality healthcare, as well as his family and people who were in contact with him. It pointed out that a rapid intervention team was formed to undertake all epidemiological investigations of his condition and identified 70 persons who were in close contact with him. The team reached all of them and decided to keep them in quarantine or isolation or home quarantine in accordance with their health conditions and adopted standards.  ​

According to the committee, such procedure is not restricted to this case only, but rather applied to all viruses, which their outbreak becomes an epidemic. The quarantine and isolation will continue until completion of all medical procedures and screening and ensuring a full recovery. The committee will continue dealing transparently with the community, monitoring the suspected cases daily and immediately disclosing any new positive case, and all cases will receive the best services utilizing the state capabilities and facilities, including beds, isolation rooms and specialized hospitals across the Kingdom.  

The committee underlined the importance of awareness-raising and avoiding succumbing to rumors, confirming that they are monitoring the novel coronavirus situation on a daily basis, coordinating with WHO and other regional and international organizations, as well as specialized healthcare centers in the Kingdom.  

Last Update : 11 March 2020 08:56 AM
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