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MOH Organizes First Emerging Health Association Forum
13 February 2020

​The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Community Participation Program, has organized yesterday (Wednesday) the first Forum of Emerging Health Associations. The meeting discussed ways of supporting the health associations to fulfill their role and achieve their objectives. They also discussed empowering the emerging associations, institutional build-up, requirements of the supporting bodies, the emerging associations' need and boosting the relationship between the associations and the Program.  

According to MOH, the forum comes in line with the role of the Community Participation Program to empower the national health associations for integration with MOH and meeting community health requirements. 

It pointed out that the forum reviewed four topics including establishing and launching the health association and the role of the supporting bodies to boost the launching of the emerging associations. The forum also held a dialogue session with charitable work experts to make use of their experiences in the launching of the emerging associations. In this regard, the forum hosted a number of supporting bodies such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to acquaint the associations with types of support, the General Authority of Awqaf to highlight the role of "Sustainability and Empowerment" program in supporting the associations and the Social Development Bank to introduce the bank's products. 

The forum is the first of its kind to pay attention to the emerging health associations, with the participation of more than 100 associations established during the past three years.  The number of registered associations reached 130 of various specialties, of which 100 participated in the forum from different parts of the Kingdom. 

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