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Madinah: 288,000 Beneficiaries of Dental Services
10 February 2020

​According to recent statistical data disseminated by Madinah Health Affairs, the dental clinics of the region's hospitals and healthcare centers provided their services to 288,136 patients. Also, 6,517 surgeries were performed in four clinics, including 3,303 minor surgeries, 249 major surgeries, and 3,216 different surgeries, and 39,465 persons benefited from the preventive measures and 106,286 from awareness events. In addition, dental services were provided to 7,213 preschoolers and 6,866 pregnant women. ​

"The radiology departments provided their services to 79,964 patients (52,102 intraoral radiography and 27,862 extra-oral radiology), and dentures sections served 13,357 patients, in addition to 8,314 orthodontics, 8,030 fixed and 284 mobile prosthodontics," adds the Affairs.

It is noteworthy that the region's dental departments are enhanced with 235 dentists (female and male), 203 well-equipped clinics and 18 mobile dental clinics.

Last Update : 10 February 2020 02:11 PM
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