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Madinah: 10,000 Patients Served by Al-Miqat Hospital Last Month
09 February 2020

​According to Madinah Health Affairs, over the past month, Al-Miqat Hospital provided its medical services to around 10,000 patients, with 6,836 emergencies, 2,999 outpatients and 263 inpatients. 

The hospital also performed 144 surgeries, 35,626 lab tests, 4,319 x-ray examinations, and 9,812 medical prescriptions during the same period.

It added that the hospital's healthcare centers served more than 28,000 patients, the majority of them at Al-Dua'itha Healthcare Center with 9,086 patients followed by Al-Difaa Healthcare Center with 5,784 patients. Also, Al-Qaswa Center served 3,186 patients, Urwah Center 2,806, Wadi Reem Center 2,704, Abu Markha Center 2,359, Ushayrah Center 695, Abyar Al-Mashi Center 876 and Al-Usayfirin Center 859 patients. 

Last Update : 10 February 2020 11:01 AM
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