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Bisha: 618 Life-Saving Cases Handled by «Ehalati» Program Last Year
29 January 2020

According to Bisha Health Affairs, over the past year (2019), the medical teams of its hospitals contributed to saving the life of 618 patients. The Medical Referral «Ehalati» Program has handled 1,773 emergencies, 419 inpatients, and 5,446 outpatients, in addition to other life-saving cases referred from outside Bisha governorate, mostly 1,590 cases from Rania General Hospital. 

“The external referrals amounted to 5,892 cases in 2018, and to 2,215 cases in 2019, while the percentage of referrals inside the region decreased by 70%. This has been achieved by the grace of Allah at first, then by the availability of cutting-edge medical equipment and the presence of distinguished physicians and qualified health staff in all specialties at all its hospitals,” stated the Affairs.

It's worth mentioning that «Ehalati» Program is reckoned one of MOH's e-programs. Advantages of the program include providing medical counseling among physicians in the various medical facilities to study the health condition of the patients without the need to refer them. It also provides all the logistic and coordination-related requirements to refer the patient from one medical facility to another. In addition, Ehalati provides an accurate archiving and statistical system, which contains information of the referred patients through the program to different health facilities across the Kingdom.

Last Update : 30 January 2020 10:04 AM
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