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MOH Organizes the 1st Wazen Program Forum
23 January 2020

On Thursday, the first Wazen Program Forum, organized by the Ministry of Health (MOH), has kicked off at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital (PMAH), Riyadh.

According to the Ministry, the forum has touched on several important topics, which were discussed by a constellation of specialized experts. The key topics on the agenda included: Wazen strategy; MOH strategy and the strategies of other institutions with successful applications; measurement as a means of adding value and change building; Mystery Visitor Program as a neutral measurement tool; how to handle revenues; the medical excellence experience; Balance Score Card (BSC): what, why and how?; Wazen Program from the perspective of patient services; Wazen program visits; key requirements and preparation mechanism.

In its quest to realize the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030, Wazen Program prepares reports on the performance of 100 hospitals across the Kingdom. Those reports can be used to review and improve performance. They can also be of great health to decision makers. Besides, Wazen seeks to support hospitals in realizing their objectives and strategic plans as per the preset KPIs; thus ensuring realization of their objectives, initiatives and approved projects. Wazen Program is also meant to determine and analyze risks, as well as the obstacles facing hospitals in their pursuit of realizing their objectives, in addition to putting forward solutions that would enable them overcome such obstacles. Wazen aims, furthermore, at spreading the culture of performance measurement, review and promotion at hospitals, in a manner that maximizes their capacity in this domain. The program is envisaged to cover all hospitals throughout the Kingdom.

Wazen Program, MOH added, encompasses a multitude of key criteria, most notably: patient experience, Health Performance Program, clinical privileges, quality and patient safety, medical records, and development of financial resources.

During the forum, a number of the healthcare establishments and work groups—which Wazen Program has visited and cooperated with since September 2019— were honored. 

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