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The 2nd Scientific Conference on Vector-Borne Diseases Kicks off Today in Jazan
23 January 2020

​The Second Scientific Conference on Vector-Borne Diseases has kicked off today in Jazan under the theme: «Towards Pesticide-Free Environment». According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), this year conference will handle the pesticides used for vector control.

It is worth mentioning that 350 experts and specialists from inside and outside the Kingdom will participate in the conference. Also, speakers will discuss a number of pesticide-related topics, including the safe use of pesticides used for vector control in the Kingdom, biological pesticides, environmental toxins of pesticides and their residues, vector resistance to pesticides, harmful effects of pesticides on human health, and modern methods to control vector-borne diseases, such as: using bacteria called «Wolbachia» to control mosquitoes transmitting diseases, in addition to legislation on the use of pesticides and their registration by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

Last Update : 26 January 2020 09:32 AM
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