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MOH Formulary Now Available for Smartphones
15 January 2020

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched a mobile version of its drug directory, called «MOH Formulary», to be installed on smartphones running Android or iOS operating systems, to be used by all MOH health professionals.

The formulary, according to the Ministry, is made up of three main sections. Section I includes a search engine to search in the MOH Formulary; it is a drug directory constantly updated with all changes and additions. In this directory, the status of each drug is specified: new, existing, or central. Besides, the formulary allows health professionals to review the MOH-approved therapeutic protocols or principles, as well as the relevant forms and links. Section II is a Micromedex of the internationally approved pharmacological knowledge, through which health professionals can get relevant drug-related information by surfing through its various sub-sections. In Section III, simple information is provided in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, so that patients can learn about the various aspects of healthcare. It contains tutorials that are both concise and specific on such topics as: medical conditions, and the medications prescribed to patients. Paramedics and medical crews of all specialties can find these tutorials useful as well.

The formulary, MOH added, allows health professionals to access the MOH drug lists, be acquainted with the latest updates, as well as the drug associated protocols. The MOH Formulary contains over 1500 scientific names, and more than 2000 commercial names, of drugs. Furthermore, the MOH Formulary App is linked to the drug-related laws and regulations in 15 languages, including Arabic and English. In addition, the platform allows health professionals to prescribe and dispense medicines safely.

MOH reiterated that the formulary is of great benefit to health professionals; it provides them with the needed pharmaceutical information easily, at any time and in any place by using the MOH Formulary App. It can be downloaded from AppStore (for iOS devices), or Google Play Store​ (for Android devices). Using the application, health professionals can learn about all the MOH-approved medicines, as well as their descriptions and side effects. They can also benefit from the search services provided by the formulary. 

Last Update : 16 January 2020 08:35 AM
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