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MOH to Launch “Walk 30” Campaign Across the Kingdom
09 January 2020

On January 11, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will launch a health awareness campaign throughout the Kingdom’s regions and provinces, under the theme: “Walk 30”. Through this campaign, the Ministry seeks to promote public health, cultivate a culture of walking, and boost the number of people interested in walking, as well as help over 500,000 individuals with chronic diseases. 

MOH takes as its core objectives boosting preventive healthcare, promoting health awareness, and translating such awareness into a better quality of life for all. The Ministry reiterated that one of its quintessential targets in the Saudi Vision 2030 is to work towards raising the life expectancy of Saudis from 74 up to 80 years old. 

“Walk 30” is a nationwide campaign that involves activities in schools and universities, an step-counter application, as well as a special walking event held on the Saudi National Day, March 5, all over the Kingdom’s region under the theme: “Saudi Walks!”

 As part of “Walk 30” campaign, a plethora of activities and events will be organized, in cooperation with several partners in the cities and provinces, over four months.  One of those events is the “Walk Challenge”: it is a competition based on a daily target of step count (not less than 8,000 steps per day). The selected winners will receive incentive awards. 

To participate in the competition, one should only download and install the competition application, register in it, and then walk (at least 8,000 steps a day). A monthly draw will be made to select 50 of the participants who achieved the daily walking target (8,000 steps or more). 

MOH pays thorough attention to walking; it refreshes the mood, curbs anxiety and depression, protects the heart, and prevents chronic diseases (such as: heart diseases, hypertension and type 2 diabetes). Besides, walking helps lose weight, strengthen the bones and joints, and prevents osteoporosis. Walking, in addition, is essential for lowering the level of blood cholesterol, burning more calories, maintaining joint flexibility, and strengthening the muscles.    
Noteworthy, this health awareness campaign represents a continuation of the MOH’s endeavors to maintain the individuals’ health and well-being. To that end, the Ministry shows keen interest in promoting health awareness, and encouraging the individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle. 

Last Update : 12 January 2020 11:06 AM
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