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MOH Launches Elderly Nursing Care Initiative
30 December 2019

Within the framework of achieving its strategic goals and facilitating access to health services, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is implementing an initiative for elderly nursing care; to improve nursing care services for elderly patients and increase the average life expectancy, Allah willing.

“The initiative aims to prepare nursing teams qualified in the elderly nursing care, limit the nursing teams specialized in this field, as well as auditing and updating the policies and procedures of nursing work to care for the elderly. It also aims to check and improve the skills and competencies of senior nursing staff, in addition to increasing community awareness of the role of nursing care for the elderly,” stated MOH.

It is worth mentioning that the initiative features four phases: planning and preparation, training, implementation, and accreditation. Also, a training profile has been prepared to train the elderly nursing staff (totaling 90 fe/male nurses), in addition to preparing three training courses and workshops for the elderly nursing care under the theme: «Development of Elderly Nursing Capabilities», in collaboration with Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. Besides, 87 health practitioners have been trained.

Last Update : 31 December 2019 02:13 PM
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