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Najran: Over 90,000 Beneficiaries of School Health Programs
26 December 2019

​Najran Health Affairs has launched a number of programs and initiatives for improving the health of school students during this year, 2019. According to the Affairs, 681 schools have benefited from the educational lectures provided by the medical staff with the aim of raising the health awreness among students, and 569 MOH's employees (male and female) have been trained on the school health programs. In addition, the school-based screening program benefited 27,678 students of the first and fourth grade primary, first grade intermediate and first grade secondary in the region. It highlighted the importance of early detection and prevention of diseases. ​

As part of "Rashaqa" initiative, the Affairs has screened 65,167 students with the aim of reducing obesity rate and urging them to exercise to combat obesity diseases, boosting awareness, ensuring the school canteen food is healthy and availability of healthy environment. Also, the Affairs has implemented the National Initiative on «Prevent Tooth Caries» in 122 schools to combat tooth decay through screening student teeth, applying fluoride, providing awareness culture on dental health and the proper way of brushing healthy teeth. 

Last Update : 29 December 2019 03:22 PM
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