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Group-Based Smoking Cessation Therapy Implemented at Al-Noor Specialist Hospital-Makkah
26 December 2019

The Smoking Cessation Center of Al-Noor Specialist Hospital-Makkah has implemented, for the first time, a group-based smoking cessation therapy under the theme: «My Cessation Experiences».

The group therapy is one of the latest therapy techniques carried out by qualified specialists, which gives the therapist the opportunity to observe the smoker in a mini frame of the community in which he lives, meanwhile allowing him to communicate with other smokers and listen to their experiences after quitting. Also, this therapy helps enumerate the number of quitters, evaluate the center’s therapeutic and preventive services, in line with the Saudi Clinical Guidelines for Tobacco Cessation.

It is worth mentioning that more than two hundred people have completely quit smoking since the center was launched less than a year ago.

Last Update : 29 December 2019 02:43 PM
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