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​ Volunteer Initiatives Implemented by East Jeddah Hospital
19 December 2019

​Commemorating the International Volunteer Day, East Jeddah Hospital has participated through a number of volunteer teams and affiliated departments with various initiatives to raise health awareness among all society members.

According to Jeddah Health Affairs, the hospital’s initiatives featured a number of specialties, including «My confidence in My Smile» initiative, with the participation of 20 volunteer physicians and assistant dentists, benefiting 1,316 persons. The initiatives, also, included «Living with Hematology» initiative, organized by the Hospital's Hematology Center, in which 62 volunteers participated, benefiting 3,505 persons. The hospital's Pediatric Department also implemented two initiatives, namely: «a Conscious Mother and a Healthy Child», with the participation of 26 volunteers, benefiting two thousand people, in addition to «Your Food Is Your Medication and We Are With You» initiative, with the participation of 30 volunteers and 1,700 beneficiaries. Besides, the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Clinic implemented an initiative dubbed: «Examining Protects Your Child), with the participation of 23 volunteers and 1,150 beneficiaries. Moreover, the Laboratory Department participated through 31 volunteers with the initiative: «Together to Eliminate Hepatitis C Virus), benefiting 1,702 persons, while the Health Education Department participated through 24 volunteers with initiatives, benefiting 325 persons.

Last Update : 23 December 2019 10:11 AM
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