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Asir: Over 277,000 Patients Served by Dental Clinics in 2019
18 December 2019

​According to Asir Health Affairs, during this year 2019, dental clinics in the hospitals and healthcare centers have served more than 227,000 patients.  ​

"The role of the dental clinics and centers have been activated by developing a plan to support them with medical and technical staff. Thus, 86 doctors (female and male) were directed to health sectors as the need arises, and 16 doctor and one dental assistant (female) were assigned to join the School-Based Caries Prevention Program (Wiqaya). In addition, the healthcare centers were enhanced with 20 dental clinics during past year, 2018, and the health sectors' preventive programs with 14 mobile clinics during this year, 2019", adds the Affairs. 

These programs targeted 13,000 students (female and male) in more than 341 schools. 

Last Update : 23 December 2019 10:33 AM
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