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Over 160,000 Patients Served by Tathleeth General Hospital Last Month
04 December 2019

According to Bisha Health Affairs, over the past month, Tathleeth General Hospital served more than 160,000 patients, with 34,926 outpatients and 125,392 emergencies.​

“Also, the hospital performed 294,607 lab tests, 23,655 radiology examinations, and 788 birth cases. Besides, the home medical professionals of the hospital conducts 8 home medical visits daily, serving 146 patients at Tathleeth and Al-Amwah regions,” stated the Affairs.

It is worth mentioning that Tathleeth General Hospital is the reference hospital for Tathleeth and Al-Amwah health sectors, including 23 healthcare centers. The hospital (with a 110-bed capacity) features a number of specialized outpatient clinics, serving more than 80,000 people, representing the population of Tathleeth Governorate.

Last Update : 10 December 2019 02:21 PM
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