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MOH Outlines Development of Cardiac Services in the Kingdom
03 December 2019

​According to MOH, over the past three years, cardiac centers have increased from 13 to 25 centers across the Kingdom. In addition, cardiac catheterization laboratories have increased from 23 to 40 and operating rooms from 20 to 28 rooms.​

"During the same period, 44 ventricular assist devices (VAD) were implanted, as well as 255 aortic valves. The Kingdom has witnessed an expansion in cardiac catheterization services, whereas the service for adults has increased from 21,850 to 40,683 surgeries or 86% and pediatric catheterization​services from 553 to 1,527 surgeries, an increase of 180%.  In the same vein, the heart surgeries for adults have increased from 1,618 to 2,300 surgeries and for children from 444 to 658, an increase of 48%", adds MOH.

MOH confirmed that the improvement in the service quality has helped reduced referrals to specialized cardiac centers in big cities, as well as reducing transport and travel costs borne by patients. To realize such achievement, the cardiac centers have been enhanced with necessary appliances, distinguished doctors and visiting doctors.

It is worth mentioning that MOH has recently launched a number of quality service programs with the aim of improving work mechanism, upgrading level of performance; thus contributing to promoting the quality of health services provided to patients and gaining their satisfaction.

Last Update : 09 December 2019 03:03 PM
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