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MOH: Oncology Treatment Increased by 40%
27 November 2019

​According to MOH, during this year 2019, the number of oncology treatment centers and units have been increased from 9 centers in 2017 to 17 centers, an increase of 88.8%. During the same period, the number of oncology beds increased from 389 to 546 beds, or 40.3%, and the manpower from 723 to 1,043, or 44.2%. This step comes in light of the oncology service development witnessed in the Kingdom.​

"The Kingdom has witnessed a quantum leap and expansion in oncology treatment by 40%, in a short time. This included expansion of chemotherapy centers and units from 10 centers in 2017 to 17 centers in 2019, an increase of 89%, and radiation therapy sessions from 41,483 to 42,119 sessions, an increase of 1.5% during the same period. Also, stem cell transplantation centers and units increased from 1 to 5 centers, or an increase of 400%, and pediatric oncology centers and units increased from 4 to 5 centers, or 25% during the same period" adds MOH. 

It added that the oncology drug manual has been unified to ensure availability of therapeutic protocols and medications in all hospitals and centers, and the updated copy of the manual will be releases in accordance with the international standards. It confirmed that the oncology drugs are available in all medical centers by 93% compared to 71% in 2018, at an increase rate of 22%, adding that a number of transformation initiatives were launched to improve the oncology treatment services, including hospital twining, developing stem cell transplantation initiative, and supporting scientific research. 

Last Update : 28 November 2019 01:37 PM
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