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Jazan: Over 2 Million Patients Served by Healthcare Centers in the 3rd Quarter 2019
26 November 2019

According to Jazan Health Affairs, over the third quarter of this year (2019), the healthcare centers provided its integrated medical services to 2,327,788 patients, with 1,736,242 at general clinics, 349,883 at chronic disease clinics, 69,904 at dental clinics, 28,420 at pregnancy clinics, and 143,339 patients at healthy child clinics.​

“The centers, also, provided supportive medical services to 514,873 patients and nursing services to 196,962 patients, as well as performing 310,248 lab tests and 7,663 radiology examinations,” stated the Affairs.

Last Update : 28 November 2019 10:12 AM
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