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Asir: Over 27,000 Patients Served by the On-Duty Healthcare Centers Last Week
21 November 2019

According to Asir Health Affairs, the role of the healthcare centers has been activated through a mechanism, which allocated a number of on-duty centers in seven sectors for serving patients with a 16-hour shift and other four centers in four sectors serving with a 24-hour shift.

The Affairs underscored the continuation of its efforts to serve citizens in such easy manner in line with their social conditions, and to invest all available capabilities at its health facilities for improving their services. “These on-duty centers reduce the stress at emergency departments of hospitals in the region throughout the day,” stated the Affairs.

According to a report issued on these on-duty centers work over the past week, the 24-hour shift centers served 20,897 patients, while the 16-hour shift centers served 7,121 patients.

Last Update : 28 November 2019 09:47 AM
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