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MOH Launches Blood Donation Campaign at Riyadh Front
19 November 2019

​As a part of its participation in the Riyadh Season events, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched a blood donation campaign and provided a mobile blood donation unit at the "Riyadh Front". The campaign aims to highlight the importance and benefits of blood donation and to encourage visitors and shoppers to give blood. MOH's participation in the Riyadh Season comes in collaboration with the General Entertainment Authority.  

Also, the campaign comes in recognition of the humanitarian and social responsibility shouldered by MOH and its endeavors to spread the culture of blood donation among citizens and residents alike, to highlight its health effects for all community members and to entrench such noble humanitarian goal. 

It is worth mentioning that the campaign seeks to achieve as many donated blood units as possible to secure the reserve needs in addition to MOH's blood banks stock.

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