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Najran: Over 50,000 Ladies Screened During Breast Cancer Early Detection Campaign Last Month
06 November 2019
​​​According to Najran Health Affairs, Breast Cancer Early Detection Campaign, held last month (October) under the theme: «Don’t Wait for Symptoms.. Check and Reassure Us», benefited 50,422 ladies, including 2,009 ladies screened with mammography at hospitals and healthcare centers in the region.

“The campaign was implemented by specialized medical team and health educationists from Hospitals and Health Education and Chronic Disease Departments of Najran Health Affairs. These teams worked to introduce the disease, its prevention methods, and breast self-examination (BSE) at hospitals, healthcare centers, shopping malls, public places, schools and colleges for girls, and female sections of government organizations and private sector in the region. The campaign also features exhibitions and awareness-raising pavilions, as well as the distribution of awareness leaflets for beneficiaries,” stated the Affairs. 

It is worth mentioning that Najran Health Affairs has earlier licensed six clinics for screening mammography at King Khalid Hospital, New Najran General Hospital, Maternity and Children Hospital, Habana General Hospital, Sharourah General Hospital, in addition to another clinic of a healthcare center in Al-Dhubbat District.

Last Update : 13 November 2019 01:07 PM
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