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Recommendations of Mental Health Promotion Conference
06 November 2019

​The Mental Health Promotion Conference, organized by Makkah Health Affairs under the theme: «Mental Health and Suicide Prevention» at Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, has concluded its sessions with a number of recommendations in the presence of a large number of academics and specialists from several different organizations.

The recommendations highlighted the promotion of mental health by means of developing the mental awareness and education programs for all groups in coordination with relevant authorities, the need to work on the early detection and interventions of people with mental disorders and suicide attempts, caring for the most vulnerable groups, and directing specialists to support those groups. The conference also recommended developing and qualifying the mental health professionals and practitioners, as well as building a team of one representative from each service provider sector in the field of mental health across the region to achieve constant coordination and unify efforts for ensuring better service, integrated roles, in addition to benefiting from different experiences.

Last Update : 12 November 2019 10:18 AM
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