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MOH: Over 74% of Patients Are Satisfied with Our Services
31 October 2019

​According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), the results of the Patient Experience Measurement Program revealed that 74.75% of patients are satisfied with its health services during the third quarter of this year (2019), compared to 73.11% during the second quarter of  the same year. ​

During this period, MOH has prepared 103,075 surveys to cover all regions of the Kingdom through 15 treatment trips, including hospitals (outpatient clinics, inpatient and one-day surgery), primary healthcare centers, anti-smoking centers, cardiac centers, kidney centers, oncology centers, diabetes centers, home care centers, medical rehabilitation centers, dental centers, premarital screening centers and blood banks.

It is to be noted that MOH has launched the Patient Experience Measurement Program to enable the beneficiaries (patients) and their families to take part in assessing the provided services after each visit to health facilities. The program prepares questionnaires designed for each trip to the health facility; in order to monitor the patient's evaluation of his trip and to measure his satisfaction with the services provided to him.

The program adopts international scientific mechanisms in measuring the satisfaction of beneficiaries with the health services through a third party to ensure impartiality and credibility of results. The results are compared to regional and international levels to keep up with patient-centered health services to obtain the optimal health services.

The program is also enhanced with MOH's specialists in cooperation with the stakeholders in order to detect weak points in the health service provided at various health facilities and to develop mechanisms to improve them constantly. MOH continues publishing the program's results transparently and periodically on the social media.   

Last Update : 31 October 2019 03:09 PM
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