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 “Wa3i” Award Signs Partnership Agreement with Council of Cooperative Health Insurance
31 October 2019

​The Awareness Award “Wa3i” has signed a community partnership agreement with the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance to sponsor the award in its fourth season, «Wa3i» 2020, which will open wider horizons and provide opportunity to the largest number of participants. The award is one of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) initiatives, which seeks to encourage individuals, including citizens, residents in GCC states, Yemen and Iraq to participate with a creative health content, through short film, motion graphic, photography or infographic design.  According to MOH, the Award aims to motivate the community to adopt a healthy lifestyle, to promote prevention, to reduce morbidity, to enhance activity and professional productivity.​

The signatories of the agreement were Director-General of Communication, Relations and Awareness at MOH, and Supervisor-General of «Wa3i»Award, Eng. Anas Al-Hameed and Secretary General of the Council Dr. Shabab AL-Ghamdi. "Such step aims to raise health awareness and focus on prevention to serve the Council's vision of enhancing the quality and sustainability of health services", said Al-Ghamdi, adding that the Council's mission is in line with the Award's objectives to motivate the private health insurance sector in order to reach the highest quality standards and to serve the beneficiaries in the Kingdom in a sustainable healthy environment. 

For his part, Eng. Al-Hameed extended his thanks and appreciation to the Council officials for their effective contribution and keenness to make the Award successful and achieve its objectives. He highlighted the Council's participation and sponsorship, which comes in activation of the concept of community partnership between all community institutions. 
It is noteworthy that MOH aims to promote prevention and spread health awreness as a main cause of healthy life for all community members. In line with the Saudi Vision 2030, one of the MOH's objectives is to raise the average life expectancy of Saudis from 74 to 80 years. 

Last Update : 04 November 2019 10:06 AM
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