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MOH Continues Implementation of Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Policy
30 September 2019

​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has continued the implementation of Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Policy, with more than 93% disclosure rate among its staff. During the last quarter of 2018, MOH has issued the policy in accordance with the Council of Ministers' resolution in this respect, and as expressed in the Code of Ethics and Conducts in Public Service, particularly chapter V entitled "Conflict of Interest and Anti-Corruption". ​

The Deputy Minister for Human Resources, Abdulrahman Al-Aiban indicated that MOH's commitment to the code meant to consolidate the principles of integrity, transparency, and a sense of responsibility, as well as limiting financial and administrative irregularities; thus boosting citizen's confidence in the services provided by the ministry. To activate the  policy, a special document has been included in Mawared System through which every employee obliges to electronically disclose to fight all sorts of corruption that he may experience while performing his duties. 

MOH has established the conflict of interest and disclosure office as a unified reference to follow-up activation of the document and handling all relevant notifications, he said, adding that the office aims to spread the Code of Ethics and Conducts in Public Service among MOH's staff, through all available means, such as internal communication, workshops in regions and provinces and establishment of the electronic document for conflict of interest and disclosure in Mawared System and making sure is accessible to all MOH's staff and updated all the time. In addition to receiving notifications on any of the irregularities mentioned in the document through the disclosure office's phone number at MOH's communication center to maintain confidentiality of information.  

Last Update : 03 December 2019 11:16 AM
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