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Jazan: King Fahad Hospital Accredited as Bariatric Surgery Center
10 September 2019

​King Fahad Central Hospital- Jazan has been accredited as a bariatric surgery center for 3 years, due to achieving excellence in bariatric surgery and providing the required capabilities.​

According to Jazan Health Affairs, within 8 months, the hospital surgical team has successfully performed more than 60 surgeries for obese patients, aged between 18 and 65 years. It added that the mechanism for accepting patients and referring them to the bariatric surgery center and two specialized clinics is coordinated with the outpatient clinics at peripheral hospitals and the hospital's physicians.  

It pointed out that the center operates two clinics a week in cooperation with consultants in general surgery, laparoscopy, and treatment of obesity patients in King Fahd Central Hospital in Jazan; to follow up patients before and after the operation.

Last Update : 12 September 2019 09:04 AM
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