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​ MOH Continues Its Awareness Efforts for Healthy and Safe Pregnancy
03 September 2019

Recognizing the importance of health awareness in maintaining maternal and child health, the Ministry of Health (MOH) continues its campaign «Be Fine for Me». According to the outcomes of the field survey conducted by the General Authority for Statistics, the number of births in the Kingdom over the past year (2018) amounted to 587,160 births. Through the campaign, MOH has provided a distinctive and integrated awareness-raising content about maternal and child health, from pre-pregnancy, prenatal, to childbirth periods, in addition to neonatal health care.

Furthermore, MOH has highlighted the importance of commitment to medical examinations and essential vaccinations in due courses before and after pregnancy after consulting the physician; to help maintain the mother and her baby’s health. Besides, MOH has urged her to eat iron-rich foods for avoiding anemia, and to take vitamin D supplement for keeping teeth and bones strong. MOH has also stressed the need to take folic acid tablets when planning a pregnancy until the twelfth week of it. All these health tips have been published​ within MOH’s Awareness Series on its Twitter's page.

It is worth mentioning that one of MOH’s goals within Saudi Vision 2030 is to raise the average life expectancy in Saudia Arabia from 74 to 80 years, and that health awareness would be a major cause for all to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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