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Jeddah: Obstetrics & Gynecology Department Launched at King Abdullah Medical Complex
01 September 2019

​In the presence of the Deputy Minister for Therapeutic Services, Dr. Tareef Alaama, Jeddah Health Affairs has launched today morning (Thursday) Obstetrics & Gynecology department at King Abdullah Medical Complex to be added to its medical specialties.​

Immediately after the launch, the department received its first delivery case. Currently, the department has 21 beds with the possibility of doubling them in the future. The complex provides 10 beds in the neonatal intensive care unit, five beds in the neonatal nursery section, and five other neonatal beds. Also, the complex provides 6 delivery wards, 16 prenatal rooms, as well as 12 OB-GYN clinics.    

The Affairs indicated that the department has been enhanced with cutting-edge medical equipment and qualified technical staff including female consultants, specialists and nurses to provide comprehensive healthcare for pregnant women. It said that the department operates 24/7 and features well-equipped vaginal and C-section delivery rooms in addition to CTG rooms.   

Last Update : 03 September 2019 03:25 PM
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