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Hail Affairs Expands Cardiac Services
25 August 2019

According to Hail Health Affairs, King Salman Specialist Hospital has increased the bed capacity of cardiac departments, with effect from yesterday (Sunday), August 18th, by means of increasing the number of beds, the coronary care unit (CCU), clinics, cardiac catheterization devices, in addition to a state-of-the-art open-heart surgery theater.

It is scheduled that the Hospital will increase the number of beds from 14 to 50 beds, the beds of cardiac care department from 7 to 16 beds, and two cardiac catheterization equipment, in addition to cardiac surgery theater for such surgeries that were previously performed at King Khalid Hospital.

The Affairs stated that King Khalid Hospital and Hail General Hospital would continue to provide their therapeutic services for cardiac patients, , with an anticipated improvement in the level of their services after relieving the pressure on both hospitals; thus resulting in shortening the periods between appointments of follow-up and periodic visits.

Last Update : 28 August 2019 02:00 PM
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