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MOH: 6 Air Ambulance Landing Sites Ready in Makkah and Holy Sites
21 July 2019

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has prepared 6 helicopter landing sites at its hospitals in Makkah and holy sites. The sites have been registered with the General Authority of Civil Aviation, three of them at King Abdullah Medical City, AL Noor Specialist Hospital and Hera General Hospital. They are designed for evacuation inside and outside Makkah. 

The other three landing sites are in East Arafat Hospital, Arafat General Hospital and Mina Emergency Hospital for evacuation of medical cases inside Makkah. 

MOH seeks to transport emergency medical cases as quickly as possible to all specialist hospitals, particularly strokes, heart attacks, injuries and ICU cases, which are in need of immediate medical intervention. Also, the air ambulance helps to transport medical staff between the medical facilities in cooperation with the security aviation.

MOH is keen to utilize all available means to handle the medical cases that require immediate transportation to the region's hospitals or specialized hospital across the Kingdom, which are enhanced with the state-of-the-art medical services, using the medical evacuation planes.  

Last Update : 21 July 2019 03:23 PM
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