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MOH: Desalination Plant Project Launched at Al-Jaizah Village
23 April 2019

By Allah’s Grace, the Desalination Plant Project has been completed at Al-Jaizah village affiliated to Adham governorate. This plant, worth more than SR 750, 000 donated by the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) employees, serves more than 18,000 people with a 200-cubic meter capacity per day. 

MOH had earlier signed the first of its kind agreement with the Charity Association for Drinking Water Services «Erwaa» and Al-Dhahian Endowments to finance and establish the Desalination Plant Project at Al-Jaizah village affiliated to Adham governorate in Makkah Region with the contribution of 250,000 MOH’s employees. This initiative reflects their social responsibility and participation in providing sustainable solutions for the problems the poor may face.

It is worth mentioning that MOH’s employees plan to replicate this experience next Ramadan, in terms of donating for a new charitable project serving the community.

Last Update : 24 April 2019 01:37 PM
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