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MOH: Graduation of First Patch of «Researcher 2018» Project
17 April 2019

​The Minister of Health (MOH) has celebrated the graduation of the first patch of «Researcher 2018», one of the projects to improve the researching capabilities of nurses. By launching this project, MOH aims to improve nursing services depending on peer-reviewed researches supervised by nursing specialists. The project lasted for a year and held four workshops for researchers. ​

In the same vein, MOH's Nursing Affairs General Department has carried out the second nursing scientific research day, which featured two sessions, the first one discussed a number of research projects selected form the "Researcher Program" and the second discussed distinguished researches from Saudi universities.  

During the same event, a constellation of researchers has presented scientific posters as a part of the second season of a contest launched by the department. At the end of the ceremony, the winners of the first three posters were announced. 

Last Update : 21 April 2019 10:53 AM
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