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Bisha Health Affairs: «It Is My Pleasure to Serve You» Office Launched
11 April 2019

​Bisha Health Affairs has launched «It Is My Pleasure to Serve You» Office, as part of «Priority» card initiative services. The office provides its services to holders of this​ «Priority» card from all hospitals in the same region or from other regions when visiting the headquarters of Bisha Health Affairs. The patient experience team provides all services and completes the procedures required for beneficiaries of «Priority», by contacting all departments and sections without the need to attend the departments of the directorate.

It is worth mentioning that Bisha Health Affairs features 8 hospitals and 85 healthcare centers, providing health services to the people of Bisha, Balqarn, Tathlith, and Al-Amwah.

Last Update : 11 April 2019 03:08 PM
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