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Over 200,000 Outpatients Served by Bisha Hospitals Last Year
04 April 2019

​According to Bisha Health Affairs, over the past year (2018), its affiliated hospitals served 233,968 outpatients, with 97,572 at King Abdullah Hospital (which is the reference hospital in the region), 32,867 at Sabt Al-Alaya General Hospital, 26,996 Tathleeth General Hospital, 33,154 Al-Bashayer General Hospital, 21230 at Recovery and Mental Health Hospital, 15,731 Tabala General Hospital, and 6418 at Wadi Taraj Hospital.

It is worth mentioning that Bisha Health Affairs features 8 hospitals and 85 healthcare centers, providing health services to the people of Bisha, Balqarn, Tathlith, and Al-Amwah. 

Last Update : 11 April 2019 02:49 PM
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