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King Faisal Medical Complex- Taif Enhanced with Cutting-edge Equipment
03 April 2019

​​​King Faisal Medical Complex- Taif has introduced modern bronchoscopes. The cutting-edge equipment are used in surgical operations via screens that enlarge the surgical area hundred times; thus helping performing the surgery with ease and in record time without complications. These binoculars are qualitative shift in chest surgeries, because of their advanced technology and impressive results. In addition, they are used to extract foreign objects that may cause airway obstruction, and death in case of delayed surgical intervention.

They also help to extract foreign bodies swallowed by children, which may risk their lives due to esophageal obstruction or perforation. Likewise, they are used in biopsy of suspected tumors in the airway, and to stop the acute bleeding associated with some cases of coughing up blood.  

It is noteworthy that King Faisal Complex is the largest hospital in Taif with a capacity of 800 beds (300 for maternity and children). Also, it features most of medical specialties and state-of-the-art devices.

Last Update : 07 April 2019 09:20 AM
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