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Over 100 Open-Heart Surgeries Performed by Arar Cardiac Center Last Year
30 January 2019

​According to the Northern Borders Health Affairs, over the past year (2018), Arar Cardiac Center served more than 18,000 cases, including 14,340 outpatients and 3,810 inpatients. The center also performed 104 open-heart surgeries and 1,245 cardiac catheterizations.

It is noted that the Center provides qualitative and distinctive medical services for cardiac patients, given that Myocardial Infarction Clinic was inaugurated in the Center during the last quarter of 2018.

It is worth mentioning that the Northern Borders Health Affairs features 12 specialized medical centers (a cardiac center, 5 diabetes centers, 3 kidney centers, and 3 dental centers), as well as 11 hospitals with a 1,410-bed capacity, which are enhanced with a number of delicate medical specialties such as: neurosurgery, heart surgery, bariatric surgery, endoscopy, and others. Besides, the Affairs has 48 primary healthcare centers.

Last Update : 30 January 2019 03:33 PM
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