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Taif: 5,800+ Beneficiaries of Patient Experience Services at King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital
24 January 2019

​The «Patient Experience» of King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital- Taif has issued more than 157 priority cards in 2018, through which support services were provided to special-needs, senior and home medicine patients, after ensuring that the health facility is ready to serve users. This was achieved in the hospital through providing the infrastructure with special entries, slopes, parking lots, toilets, elevators, waiting areas, and to help them move around, complete the processes of opening a health record, set appointments, coordinate between beneficiaries and the physicians, request reports, help persons with hearing disability communicate with the medical team through sign language interpreter, liaise with special-needs service coordination committee to obtain senior/disability low-fare cards and passes, liaise with concerned bodies to obtain assistive tools for the disabled. The patients experience served 5,809 patients and outpatients, and 47 outpatients were served by "We are All Responsible" initiative. Also, 2,500 persons were served by "You Have the Right" initiative, which targets patients and outpatients and their rights at the health facilities and when receiving services. ​

 Also, 250 Ihsan (benevolence) cards were distributed to departments, as well as "Mashkoor" initiative, which honored 3 hospital employees, and "Awnak" initiative served 158 patients. In addition, 23 development courses were held to upgrade competencies of hospital employees, and "Pleased to Serve You" offices served 1,471 patients and outpatients, including inquiries, liaise with physicians, rights, facilitating health and therapeutic services through medical and technical teams, as well as raising the awareness of employees and visitors to the 10th diabetes conference.

Last Update : 27 January 2019 03:18 PM
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