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Makkah: Over 75,000 Emergencies Served by Khulais General Hospital Last Year
15 January 2019

According to Makkah Health Affairs, Khulais General Hospital served over the past year (1439H.) more than 75,000 emergencies from the people of Khulais, its subordinate villages and governorates, in addition to handling emergencies during Umrah and Hajj seasons and traffic causalities throughout the year.

“The hospital performed 250 major and minor surgeries in 1439H. and 180 birth cases in 1438H. and 1439H. Also, over the past three years, it served 90 inpatients in the neonatal incubator, 245 inpatients, and 7,700 cases at the Kidney Center, in addition to 1,800 outpatients last year,” stated the Affairs.

Last Update : 17 January 2019 11:26 AM
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