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NCDC Participates in Janadriyah Festival for the First Time
30 December 2018

​The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) is taking part in the 33rd Janadriyah Festival for the first time, with the aim of spreading awareness and prevention. The NCDC's pavilion provides awareness services to visitors including the importance of immunization, vaccinating them against influenza, anti-smoking clinic and the importance of quitting all tobacco products, as well as measuring their blood glucose, hypertension, height and weight, and the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.  

Also, the Center aims to raise awareness about antibiotics, the proper way of using them, the importance of seeking advice from your doctor before taking antibiotics, as well as hepatitis C screening and the importance of treatment, which has proven effective with more than 95% recovery percentage. The Center, also, aims to raise awareness about AIDS and methods of treatment, the importance washing hands properly as the first line of defense against infection. In addition, it provides training in first aid and life-saving and an awareness corner for children. 

It is noteworthy that NCDC aims to reduce, monitor, follow-up, and control the outbreak of communicable and non-communicable diseases, as well as promoting health, research and studies in this field.

Last Update : 31 December 2018 02:21 PM
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