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Over 100,000 Dialysis Sessions Performed by Riyadh Hospitals in 2018
30 December 2018

According to Riyadh Health Affairs, over the past year (2018), its hospitals conducted 101,799 dialysis sessions, 2,206 cardiac catheterization procedures, and 20 open-heart surgeries.

During the same period, the Affairs has launched a host of programs and initiatives; with a view to improving the patient experience in its health facilities. Among these initiatives is the Patient Experience Measurement Program, which is one of the initiatives implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to enable beneficiaries (patients and their families) to engage in quality improvement by measuring their satisfaction with various health services in MOH’s facilities through surveys designed for each visit separately and conducted by an independent third party to ensure impartiality in the results. The program aims to measure patient satisfaction in hospitals, specialized centers, primary health care centers, blood banks, tobacco cessation centers, premarital screening centers, in addition to providing other services.

Last Update : 31 December 2018 03:45 PM
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