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MOH Showcases Chemical Cleansing Net at Janadriyah Festival
27 December 2018

​​Through its pavilion at Janadriyah Festival, the Ministry of Health (MOH) showcases several medical and therapeutic services provided to citizens, including the chemical cleansing tent, as a part of its keenness for the safety of citizens, medical staff and workers, as well as protecting facilities against chemical pollution in case of any chemical leakage. A special chemical cleansing tent was installed to give a brief account on providing first aid for people exposed to chemicals for decontamination. The prefabricated tent, which can be installed in few minutes, accommodates up to one patient, and provides services to 120 patients within one hour. The Emergency, Disasters and Ambulatory Transportation General Department briefs the visitors on cleansing methods, when and how to use it, as well as dealing with emergency cases in various circumstances upon occurrence of disasters and crises, Allah forbids.   

It is noteworthy that MOH's pavilion in this year's Janadriyah Festival is in line with the Saudi Vision2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020. The pavilion takes the form of a modern village featuring a virtual house, school, Mawid App, primary care, hospital, ambulatory services, medical city and e-prescription.

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