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MOH Publishes Peremptory Rulings on Private Health Institutions Violating Regulations
27 December 2018

​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has initiated publication of peremptory rulings for violation of regulations established from January 1st, 2019 against private health institutions. Article 25 of the Private Health Institutions Law and Article 37 of the Pharmaceutical Establishments Law provided for publishing these rulings in local newspapers at the expense of the violator. The published rulings include: the establishment's name, rule number and the sentence.​

MOH has established the Assistant Agency for Compliance in 2017, with the aim of promoting safety of patients and beneficiaries of the services provided by the private health facilities. Since its establishment, the Agency has been working on restructuring and unifying procedures across the Kingdom, developing programs to boost compliance in the private sector such as self-assessment programs launched by the middle of this year, which gives the health sector the opportunity to identify and correct weak points in order to boost self-monitoring of these facilities, prior to a visit by MOH's inspectors.  

The Agency also follows-up compliance with the regulations and professional ethics in health sector. These procedures falls within MOH's developmental initiatives and scheduled campaigns to control and verify the health sector's compliance.

It is noteworthy that MOH pays great attention to monitoring and inspection to raise the level of compliance with regulations and policies to maintain the safety of the services provided to patients, through periodic monitoring by inspections teams across the Kingdom regions and provinces.  It urges everyone to report any health violations to the (937) cervices center.

Last Update : 02 January 2019 10:41 AM
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