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Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs Conducts Over 17,000 Home Visits
17 December 2018

​​According to Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs, Home Medicine Program (HMP), since its establishment until now, has paid 17,425 home visits to 322 patients through 30 qualified staff using 5 well-equipped vehicles as per a time table. A toll free number is provided for communication with patients. The program, which provides medical services to patients after their discharge from hospital, contributes to minimizing revisit of patients with chronic cases to emergency and inpatient clinics through provision of required medical services to patients by the home medicine teams. These services include respiratory treatment, dressing change, bedsore, diabetic foot care, follow-up of diabetes and hypertension, health education, tube feeding, physiotherapy and urinary catheterization. It also provides nursing services, blood sampling and physiotherapy services, as well as plans to evaluate and follow up patients through field visits. 

It is worth mentioning that the home medicine departments and sections across the Kingdom provide healthcare to patients with the engagement of their families, and meet their needs, in terms of medication and devices, which positively reflects on patients’ psychological, social and health conditions.

Last Update : 23 December 2018 09:01 AM
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