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​ Asir: 2,388 Life-Saving Cases Handled by MCED Last Year
13 December 2018

According to Asir Health Affairs, over the past years (1439H.), the Medical Coordination and Eligibility Department (MCED) followed up the referral of 2,388 cases by the Medical Referral Program «Ehalati». “It handled 7,565 emergencies, and completed the procedures of 12,980 out of 13,240 cases (at a rate of 98%). Also, it followed up the referral of 17,634 outpatients, in addition to receiving 5,973 cases from outside the region”, stated the Affairs.

The Affairs added that the department has referred 1,120 due cases to medical cities and specialist hospitals, and followed them up. 

Last Update : 23 December 2018 09:51 AM
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