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Najran General Hospital Launches Development Projects
12 December 2018

According to Najran Health Affairs, the Emergency Department Expansion Project has been launched at New Najran General Hospital. The project features the equipment of the pediatric emergency department with a 5-bed capacity and the pediatric inpatient department with a 29-bed capacity. “Such projects will contribute to reducing the wait times and alleviating the pressure on the other hospitals providing pediatric therapy services, Allah Willing. The project includes the development of emergency entrance, waiting areas, triage and examination clinics, in addition to enhancing the department with medical and non-medical equipment and work force of different specialties. Hence, the hospital has been enhanced with qualified medical practitioners in the different specialists,” added the Affairs.

It is worth mentioning that, over the past year, Najran General Hospital received more than 119,000 outpatients, with 50,307 emergencies, in addition to performing 2017 successful surgeries.

Last Update : 13 December 2018 02:43 PM
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